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First edition of Seller's sea chart of the Western Atlantic and the contiguous coasts of New England, Canada, the Eastrn Caribbean (from Puerto Rico and the Virginia Islands), Brazil and the Northeast Coast of South America.

The chart is orientated with north to the right, and shows the coast of Labrador, New Foundland and Nova Scotia, the Gulf of St Lawrence and along the coast to Long Island. From their the map covers the Atlantic south to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and along the coast of South America into Brazil to the eastern part, showing Pernambuco (now Recife). The Azores and Cape Verde Islands are on the east side of the chart. Tropicus Cancri is at the center of the sheet, almost on the fold.

In the top right corner is the Royal arms. The top left includes three scales, and below that is the title shown on an animal hide, supported by two South American natives. Beneath that is the arms of Brazil. In the sea there are two galleons, two sea monsters and two compasses.

Seller's chart is based upon Theunis Jacobsz chart of circa 1650. The most notable additions are the inclusions of the Orinoco River in South America and the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. This first edition was used from 1674 (the date pencilled onto the map in the Samuel Pepys copy of Seller's Atlas Maritimus) to 1677, when the plate was revised. It may have been issued separately as early as 1672.

The map is rare, with no examples being offered in dealer catalogues prior to this example, since 1993 (Potter, Catalog 5, Item 26, offered for $1,126).

Condition Description
Trimmed to neatline and remargined. Numerous wormholes, expertly filled on verso. Old color, recently refreshed.
Burden II, #443; McCorckle 675.7