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Rare early map of Florida Territory, from an early edition of Burr's New Universal Atlas..

The map provides an early look at Florida, prior to its statehood in 1846. Very few counties have been formed, especially in the Central and Southern parts of the State.

Curiously, this edition of the map omits the formation of all of the Southern and Central Counties, such Monroe, Hillsborough, Mosquito, and Alachua are not yet depicted, even tough all of these counties existed as early as 1825. Only St. John's County is shown, but displayed in the far north, as if this were perhaps a proof state of the map. However, in the north and in the panhandle, a number of post-1825 counties are depicted, including Walton, Washington, Leon, Jefferson, Madison, and Nassau Counties. In addition, northern counties are also missing, including Gadsden (shown, but unnamed), Hamilton (formed 1827), Lafayette (formed 1832, but no longer existing), Franklin (formed 1832), Columbia (formed 1833), and Calhoun (formed 1838).

By 1840, when the rights to the atlas had been transferred to Moses Greenleaf, the county configurations had been corrected.

Burr's Atlas was perhaps the most elegant American commercially published atlas of its time, utilizing wonderful wash colors and elegant engraving style. Burr studied under Simeon DeWitt in New York. His first atlas was an Atlas of New York State, the second state atlas to be issued in the US (after Mills Atlas of South Carolina in 1826). In the 1830s, he served as topographer for the US Post Office, producing a series of rare and highly sought after large format state maps during this period. Later, he was appointed as the Geographer of the House of Representatives, where he served during the later part of the 1830s. Burr is widely regarded as one of the most important names in American Cartographic history. He apparently transferred the ownership of the Atlas map plates to Greenleaf in about 1840.

The price of this map has been adjusted for the condition. Rare map, but unfortunately, damaged with an early crayon.

Condition Description
Marked up in Crayon, but still good exampe of this rare Territorial Map of Florida.