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Striking old color example of Nolin's map of South America.

The map is richly embellished with decorative cartouche and vignettes and includes extensive annotations regarding the discovery and explorations in the region, along with the tracks of Jacquest Le Maire's ship throgh the region. In the right box, the is a lengthy annotation concerning the Papal Bull which established the Line of Demarcation, which split Brazil from the rest of South America, leaving Brazil to the Portugese and the rest of the continent to the Spanish.

The map provides one of the most up to dates treatments of South America, from information compiled by Coronelli and Nolin in Paris.

Fine example of Nolin's map, compiled and engraved in Paris in collaboration with Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, who was then working in Paris on grand Celestial and Terrestial Globe for the King of France. The cartographic content is largely identical to Coronelli's two-sheet map of Europe, which was likely issued shortly after Nolin's map. The map is beautifully engraved and exhibits the detail and fine craftsmanship which is characteristic of Nolin's work. This example, in full original color, is of particular note. The map is quite scarce on the market, especially in such extraordinary color.

Condition Description
Full original color. Minor soiling.