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Detailed map of part of the Upper Peninsula and the area above Lake Huron and Lake Michigan and west of Lake Superior, where the fur trade flourished during the colonial period.

Mackinac and Sault Ste. Marie each commanded a narrows in the Upper Lakes system, thus exercising great influence in the fur trade and became strategic sites for military activity. The map is marvelously engraved to depict the mountainous and forested landscape and filled with interesting notations concerning the Indian inhabitants. Locates the Mission of St. Mary and Mission of St. Ignace, as well as the "Common Track of the Vessels to the Detroit &c." Lake Superior is noted as "Worship'd as a Divinity by the Indians." Decorated with a delicately engraved title cartouche and a fleur-de-lis.

Jolly, D.C. (Brit Per) LOND-197; Sellers & Van Ee #770.