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Sebastien Munster:  Tabula Asiae II

Maps of Russia

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Title: Tabula Asiae II

Map Maker: Sebastien Munster

Place / Date: Basle / 1542

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 13.5 x 10 inches

Condition: VG

Price: $245.00

Inventory ID: 21698


Rare first edition of Munster's Ptolemaic map of part of the Ukraine and the region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea extending south to include all of Armenia Maior and part of Armenia Minoris.

Shows Noahs Arc in the Caspian Sea, believed to have come to rest in a mountain in Armenia according to the map. Shows Armenia Maior, Iberia, Albania, Colchis, Porte Albanie, the Euphratis River, the Tigris, Assyriae, and many other place names in the cradle of civilization.

Condition Description: Minor soiling

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