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Rare map of the Western United States, prepared to illustrate Hippolyte Ferry's Description de la Nouvelle Californie Geographique, Politique et Morale, described by Cowan as "the most complete and extensive work descriptive of California published in France at this time."

Ferry's map credits the maps of Fremont and Duflot du Mofras as the sources of the map. The map was copied by Marzolla the following year in his Nuova California, one of the best maps of the period. Ferry highlights the gold regions and provides and extensive key locating numerous places. A marvelous map, being the best French produced map of the the Gold Regions to accompany a contemporary account of French Gold Miner.

Some of the more subtle gems hidden in the topography are illustrations of deer, bear, a jaguar (?) and an Indian Village. A rare and underappreciated map.

Condition Description
Minor foxing
Wheat, Mapping of the Transmississippi West #673; Wheat, Maps of the California Gold Regions #155.