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One of the earliest obtainable English maps of the region, extending from Russia, Nova Zemla and Spitzenberg (here named Greenland) to the Northern parts of Scandinavia (including northern Norway and Sweden).

The map is richly embellished with a number of interesting images, many of which ar borrower from Dutch sources, most notably the title cartouche, which derives from Blaeu's map of the North Pole. The present map is very rare, with only one appearance in a dealer catalogue since 1984 (Alfieri 1988--$1542.00).

In 1671, London mapmaker John Seller (1630 - 1697) commenced work on English Pilot, a publication which he hoped would challenge the Dutch dominance of the market for sea charts and atlases. Seller envisioned a work in four books, covering different regions of the globe. Part I, describing northern navigation and published in 1671, was followed the next year by Part II covering southern navigation. In 1675 Part III, also known as Oriental Navigation, was printed though incomplete. Seller lacked the necessary capital to complete the mammoth undertaking, and in 1679 sold his rights to John Thornton (1641-1708), the official hydrographer to the English East India Company.

Condition Description
Trimmed plate mark. Laid on contemporary paper. A fair amount of worming in the printed image, which have been expertly restored.