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Rare map of North America published in Paris, one of the earliest examples of the use of Lithography for the printing of maps.

The publisher employs a curious manuscript style, which is also very unusual and may have been augmented by an early hand. A table in the right shows the dates of the formation of each of the US States and Territories, up to Oregon Territory, Northwest Territory, Missouri and Michigan Territory in 1823. The mythical western rivers are shown flowing from various mythical lakes and other sources to the Pacific. Marvelous depiction of Russian America, complete with placenames.

An extremely early example of lithography on French maps, perhaps the earliest we have ever seen. The first lithographic atlas was published in Brussels by Philippe Vandermaelen in 1827, so this is quite possibly the second earliest example of the use of lithography in an atlas. A fascinating map, appealing for both its early use of lithography and curious presentation.

Condition Description
Minor soiling in lower part of image and abrasion in the table showing th colors of the different countries.