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Important early map of Dakota Territory.

The map extends from the Red River and the Big Sioux river in the east to theYellowstone and Little Missouri Rivers in the west, tracking the course of the Missouri River along the Center of the map. The township surveys are limited to the extreme southeast corner. Yankton appears, as does the 400,000 acre Yankton Reserve, Ft. Rendall, Ponka Reserve, Ft. Lookout, Usher's Landing, Old Ft. George, Ft. Pierre, Bullberg Island, Old Dit Village, Little Soldier's Village, and Fort Barthold, all on the Missouri.

There is a note indicating that the Indian Title Extinguished--Yankton Cession on the lower Dakota River. The balance of the map names over two dozen rivers and creeks and over a dozen lakes. One of the earliest obtainable detailed maps of the region.

Condition Description
Usual toning at folds