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Detailed and attractive map of the United States, identifying the 6 primary Zoological regions and 7 sub-divisions.

Edward Drinker Cope (1840-1897) was an American paleontologist, comparative anatomist, herpetologist and ichthyologist. Born in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, Cope quickly distinguished himself as a child prodigy interested in science, publishng his first scientific paper in 1859. Cope is best known for his highly battle with O. C. Marsh, against whom he raced to publish findings, which consumed both Marsh's and Cope's lives. Cope traveled the American West searching for fossils. His staunch resolve in his belief of Neo-Lamarckism was the subject of ridicule by of many of his peers at the American Philosophical Society and by his greatest enemy, O.C. Marsh.

Along with his rival, Cope helped define the field of American paleontology. Cope was a prolific writer, with a record 1,200 papers published over his lifetime. He named dozens of species of dinosaurs, and in total named more than 1,000 vertebrate species. His most established theories on the origin of mammalian molars and the Cope's Law on the gradual enlargement of mammalian species are considered his best generalized theories.

O.W. Gray Biography

O. W. Gray was a publishing firm based in Philadelphia. Later, they published as O. W. Gray & Son. They published atlases in the late nineteenth century. Gray's National Atlas was one of the most successful commercial ventures of the 1870s and one of the last to employ hand coloring on maps.