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Rare map of Spain, illustrating the various regions of the Augustine Order of Spain, Portugal and the Baleares, with an elaborate dedication to the Ignatio Querrero and the coat of arms of the Augustine Order.

The map includes an elaborate key, identifying the various types of Convents, Colleges, Hospitals, Monasteries and other ecclesiastical centers operated by the Augustine Order on the Iberian peninsula, including 3 on Majorca and 1 on Minorca. Large inset of the Canary Islands, with several more important Augustine centers identified. It is reasonable to speculate that Seutter issued only a very limited number of these Augustine maps and that such maps were only available by direct request to the publisher and therefore only survived in a few examples bound into composite atlases by request. This is the first example of the map we have offered in the nearly 20 years we have been in the trade.

1831 Catalogue of Harvard Library, p 132.
Matthaus Seutter Biography

Georg Matthäus Seutter (1678-1757) was a prominent German mapmaker in the mid-eighteenth century. Initially appreciated to a brewer, he trained as an engraver under Johann Baptist Homann in Nuremburg before setting up shop in his native Augsburg. In 1727 he was granted the title Imperial Geographer. His most famous works is Atlas Novus Sive Tabulae Geographicae, published in two volumes ca. 1730, although the majority of his maps are based on earlier work by other cartographers like the Homanns, Delisles, and de Fer. 

Alternative spellings: Matthias Seutter, Mathaus Seutter, Matthaeus Seutter, Mattheus Seutter