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Extremely rare facsimile of a portion of Martin Behaim's Globe of 1492, showing the region from Madeira and Grand Canary Island, with America conspicuously absent from the map. The map shows a section of Martin Behaim's globe, one of the earliest surviving globes and the perhaps the most famous of all pre-Columbian globes, which exists in only a single example.

Once in a great while, we experience the joy of owning something not only rare but truly fascinating. The map offered here is something truly remarkable. Initially offered in a rare in Cladera's Investigaciones históricas sobre los principales descubrimientos de los españoles en el mar oceano en el siglo XV, y principios del XVI (Madrid: Antonio Espinosa, 1794), this edition of the map appeared in Diplomatische geschichte des porugisischen berhumten ritters Martin Behaims. Aus originalurkunden. . . , published in Gotha in 1801.

De Murr's image of Behaim's globe is the only large format representation of Behaim's globe which we have ever seen on the market.

Condition Description
A bit of soiling, but generally a very nice example.
Newberry Library Cartographic Catalogrecord # 47329; Quaritch, Catalogue of Books ON The History, Geography and of the Philology Of America, Australasia, Asia and Africa (1886);