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An interesting map on a north hemispheric projection, showing the the regions then actively been explored by the Russian, French and English.

Includes notes on Dutch, Portugese and English discoveries near the North Pole.

The projection is based upon Phillipe Buache's work from the prior decade, and illustrates one view of the rapid changes along the NW Coast of America, NE Coast of Asia and Arctic Circle. In the 1740s, the France and England became acutely aware of the Russian voyages of discovery by Tchirikow, Bering and others into the NW Coast of America, especially following the retun of JN De L'Isle from the Russian Court. Interest in what had until then been Unknown Regions intensified, and a number of important voyages of exploration were commenced in the second half of the 18th Century, culminating with the voyages of Cook, La Perouse, Vancouver, Dixon, Meares and others. The map shows the Sea of the West, badly distorted (and largely mythical) Alaskan Archipelago), several hopeful, in tentative routes from the Pacific to Hudson's Bay from the region between the Archipelago and the Sea of the West and one which extends from the Sea of the West. A very definite route from Japan to Portugal is shown. References to 17th Century explorations above the arctic are also noted. Perhaps the most salient feature of the map is the suggestion that there is no indication of any land masses near the poles.