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Rare War of the League of Augsburg Battle Plan, which occurred just west of Torino in Italy in 1693. At the beginning of June 1690 the Duke Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy joined the League of Augsburg against the French, signing a treaty with the King of Spain, who was to send an army from the bordering state of Milan to join the troops of the Duke in order to act against the French and conquer Casale and Pinerolo (two towns held by the French in Piedmont and Monferrat), while other subsidiary troops were to be received from the Austrian Empire with which a similar treaty was also subsequently signed. A French army constantly in Piedmont throughout the war was lead by Nicolas Catinat. The campaign of the year 1693 in Piedmont started with the shelling of the town of Pinerolo by the Allies and the seizure of the fort of Santa Brigida near the town. On the 4th of October the French, who had received reinforcements from the armies operating in Catalonia and on the Rhine, beat the Allied army in a field battle at Marsaglia near the village of Orbassano, called by the French La Marsaille (the name of a small abbey nearby), capturing many flags and about 30 artillery pieces. The battle was a severe loss to the Allies, who had lost about 8,000 men and had to retire to their strongholds to reorganize. The French set many villages in the area on fire, bit were not able to pursue their enemies further because of the weakness of their supply lines and also of the losses incurred by them in the battle. Flawless wide margined example.