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Scarce map of America, one of the earliest to illustrate the Sea of the West. Includes an interesting treatment of Florida as an Archipelago, nice detail in California and the Mississippi Valley. Also and interesting projection of New Zealand and location of many Islands in the Pacific, many of which are either fanciful or badly misplace. Nolin dedicates this map to Monseigneur LAW controlleur general des finances. John Law was a Scottish financier, who was masterminding the economic recovery of France, one element of his plan being the exploitation of the French possessions in Louisiana, the so-called Mississippi scheme, which was briefly successful and set off a wild period of speculation, before the Mississippi Bubble burst. Law fled to Venice in disgrace, but not before creating one of the first speculative booms based upon American real estate. A nice example in rich colors. Only the second time we have had the map in the past 15 years.