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Rare map of the Eastern part of South America, which is one sheet from Nicolosi's map of South America.

The map is oriented with south at the top of the map.

The map appeared in Nicolosi's landmark atlas, a state sponsored work published in response to the work of Sanson and others outside of Italy. Nicolosi's unusual mjulti-sheet continental maps are unique in their presentation and style. The maps were the result of meticulous compilations by Nicolosi. This sheet is superimposed over a portion of Scandinavia from the main four sheet map, but is a fine stand alone example of Nicolosi's work. Nicolosi's Dell' Hercole e studio geografico is one of the most important Italian Atlases of the 17th Century and incorporates Nicolosi's fine work. Nicolosi maps rarely appear on the market. An essential collector's map of the region.