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Stock# 11618

Fascinating early map of the world, found in apocalyptic literature originally published in Wittenberg in 1529 or 1530.

The map was originally used by the printer Hans Lufft to illustrate works on the prophet Daniel by Martin Luther and another linking the vision of Daniel with the assault of the Turks on Christian Europe. The map is a woodcut, showing the four beasts of Daniel's dream and the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia, along with four windheads. A fascinating graphical depiction of the World, based upon Ptolemy, but with all of Africa shown and an open water passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The map last appeared in a dealer catalogue in 1986 (Suarez). The earliest editions are approximately 7 x 5.5 inches, while later editions are slightly reduced in size. This example is included an addition published in Prague, and includes a decorative border not present in any other edition of which we are aware.

The map has been re-engraved and this is a remarkable dark impression. Czech text below the map and on the verso.