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The certificate is titled "The Great Seal of the State of California," issued by the Office of the Secretary of State of California. The document features the state seal prominently at the top, with an elaborate illustration of the state capitol building in the background. Additionally, it bears the official seal of the state of California in the lower left section, adorned with a blue and yellow ribbon.

The main text of the certificate details the history and symbolism of the Great Seal of the State of California. It explains that the seal was introduced during the convention that framed the Constitution of California on September 29th, 1849, and was adopted on October 2nd, 1849. The design was attributed to Major R. S. Garnett, U.S.A., although it was presented by Caleb Lyon of Lyonsdale, N.Y., who was the Assistant Secretary of the Convention.

The narrative describes the elements depicted in the seal:

  • Goddess Minerva: Represents the political birth of California without having been a territory.
  • Grizzly Bear: Symbolizes the state's unique characteristics and agricultural richness.
  • Miner: Illustrates the state's association with the Gold Rush and economic prosperity.
  • Grapevine and Sheaf of Wheat: Emblems of agricultural and horticultural interests.
  • Sierra Nevada: Represents the natural beauty and geographical features of the state.
  • Motto "Eureka": Indicates the discovery of gold and the state's guiding principle upon its admission.

The certificate also mentions that the words "The Great Seal of the State of California" were added to the design by a resolution from Hon. Myron Norton.

Signatures and Officials:

  • Frank M. Jordan: Secretary of State of California from 1943 to 1970. His facsimile signature appears on the document.
  • Frank Luckel: Served in the California State Assembly for the 78th District from 1947 to 1963. His signature is also present.

Given the tenure of Frank Jordan as Secretary of State (1943–1970) and Frank Luckel's service in the State Assembly (1947–1963), the certificate can be estimated to have been issued sometime between 1947 and 1963.