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Rare German map of the NW Coast of America by D.F. Sotzmann, one of the most important engravers of American maps during the latter part of the 19th Century (to whom Ristow devotes and entire Chapter in American Maps and Mapmakers). The map was evidently bound into a rare German geographical work and does not appear in Wheat or Wagner. The map extends from San Diego and Ensenada in the South to Kodiak Island. The northern portion of the map includes the dates of certain land falls during Vancouver's voyage. The map is quite remarkable for its detail along the coast of California, locating over 50 place names, including each of the 18th Century Upper California Missions, Catalina and each of the Channel Islands, along with the Santa Barabara Channel. Several missions south of San Diego are also shown. The detail from the Columbia River north into Neu Norfolk, Neu Cornwall, Neu Hanover and Neu Georgien is also remarkable, showing Sotzmann's telltale engraving style. There is also a marvelously detailed inset map of the NE Coast of Asia, also drawn from Vancouver. A rare map, with no examples appearing in dealer catalogues in the past 25 years.