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Rare John Cary Wall Map of America

Rare separately issued map of North and South America, exhibiting the political subdivisions which existed immediately prior to the Mexican-American War.

The map shows Russian America, with the US-Russian Boundary Treaty of 1824 and the British-Russian Boundary of 1825 illustrated.  The border between the US and British Columbia is now set by Treaty, following resolution of the Oregon Question.  The US Mexico border is shown as appeared on the eve of the Mexican War (1846-1848), with Upper California (here New Albion) shown as part of Mexico.

The outlines of an independent Texas appear as part of Texas's claims prior to the Compromise of 1850. Several interesting place names are shown in Texas and Indian Territory, including Ft. Claiborne (Texas), Flee's Settlement (White River, Arkansas), Missouriopolis (Jefferson City, Missouri),  etc.

Numerous Hudson's Bay Company and Northwest Company forts and trading houses are showin in Western Canada.

John Cary began issuing this multi-sheet map of America in approximately 1817, but this is by far the latest edition we have encountered.


All editions are rare and we have never seen any of the editions offered for sale at auction or in a dealer catalogue.

Condition Description
Lithograph with hand-color on 19th century paper. Dissected on linen into 35 segments. Natural weaknesses to linen, supported on verso with archival adhesive and period linen strips.
G. & J. Cary Biography

G. and J. Cary was the name of the Cary firm after its founder, John Cary, passed the business to his sons George and John Jr. in 1821. John Sr. had begun the business in 1782 and, although it sold and published a variety of materials, its main focus was the production and sale of geographic materials, particularly atlases, sheet maps, and globes. The firm was particularly well known for geological maps, itineraries, and county maps. The sons continued their father’s business until 1850.