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Rare view of Fort Hamilton, located on the strategic shores of New York Bay in Brooklyn.

Produced in 1852, the lithograph—skillfully colored by hand—depicts various vessels representative of the era, signaling the Bay's significance as a commercial and military hub.  

Fort Hamilton, situated in the southwest corner of Brooklyn, was constructed following the War of 1812 to fortify New York's harbor along with Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island. Its inception was part of a comprehensive coastal defense system designed by then-Secretary of War, John C. Calhoun. Completed in 1831, Fort Hamilton served not only as a defensive stronghold but also as a symbol of the young nation’s resilience and foresight.

Throughout its history, Fort Hamilton played various roles, including the Civil War era when it acted as an important mobilization and training center for Union forces. Its garrison witnessed the evolution of military technology, from smoothbore cannons to rifled artillery. The fort's strategic location ensured its continued military use even beyond the turn of the century, as it adapted to the changing needs of America's defense.