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A View of the Golden Gate From 8 Years Before The Gold Rush

Nice example of one of the earliest obtainable views of San Francisco Bay, from the Atlas Pittoresque volume of Abel du Petit-Thouars's Voyage Autour Du Monde, published in Paris in 1841. The view was engraved by Menard and lithographed by Sabatier in Paris.

The print shows San Francisco Bay from its entrance just outside the Golden Gate, with only the faintest outline of a lighthouse visible on the edge of Fort Point.

One of the earliest obtainable views of San Francisco Bay and certainly among the rarest.

Dupetit-Thouars's Voyage

This work is one of the rarest and most sumptuously illustrated works of the 19th century and recounts a journey around the world on a French Frigate. The voyage was one of the first official scientific explorations by the French in California, and also visited a great deal many other places.

The record of Dupetit-Thouars's stay in California is considered one of the most prolific and notable records of life in the Mexican province in the 1800s. The purpose of the visit to California was to support French traders who had been asking for governmental assistance for a period of time.

The many exploits of this adventure rival only the contemporaneous journey of the Beagle. The expedition produced important early maps of Sydney, as well as a series of amazing depictions of animals.

The complete set of the Voyages, as well as all included items, are extremely rare.