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Promoting The Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo

Colorful two-sided promotional map produced for the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo. This map serves not only as a guide to the city's major areas and attractions but also as a tool for navigating the local subway system, tailored specifically to assist tourists or visitors in locating the Hard Rock Cafe among Tokyo's vibrant and complex urban landscape.

The first side of the map presents a colorful, illustrated guide of Tokyo, highlighting prominent neighborhoods and landmarks such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, and the Imperial Palace. This illustrated map is not drawn to scale but rather designed for ease of understanding and visual appeal, with major areas and attractions marked with eye-catching icons and names in large, legible text. It includes a specific focus on Roppongi, marking the location of the Hard Rock Cafe and providing a detailed inset map for this district, emphasizing landmarks and streets for easier navigation. Additionally, there is a section titled "How to Get to Hard Rock Cafe," offering directions both by subway and by taxi, with tips on local customs such as tipping being uncommon.

The reverse side of the map displays a more conventional subway map of Tokyo, detailing the various lines and stations within the city's extensive transit system. It is designed in the typical style of transit maps, with color-coded lines and station names clearly marked. This side provides practical information for navigating around Tokyo, especially useful for visitors relying on public transport to explore the city.