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This bird's-eye view map provides a detailed representation of the siege of Grevelingen (Gravelines) by French forces under Marshal de la Ferte Seneterre from August 16 to 28, 1658. It is a significant historical document, capturing the landscape and military strategies of a specific event during the Franco-Spanish War (1635–1659).

This period marked a series of military engagements between France and Spain, with border towns like Gravelines becoming focal points due to their strategic positions. The siege depicted in this map was part of broader geopolitical tensions and military confrontations that shaped the political boundaries and power dynamics in Europe during the 17th century.

The map showcases detailed fortifications, troop positions, and naval elements, providing insight into the military tactics and landscape of the time. The label "Mare Germanique" points to the English Channel's role in the siege, highlighting the interconnectedness of land and sea operations. The inset in the lower left extends the geographical context, while the figures in the lower right offer a human element to the otherwise tactical illustration.

This map serves as an educational tool for understanding the complexities of 17th-century warfare, particularly siege tactics and fortification designs. It reflects the military, geographical, and historical knowledge of the time, offering insights into the operational and strategic considerations of the era's military leaders. 

Condition Description
Trimmed at top, with minor loss of image.