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This two-sided map, issued shortly after the conclusion of World War II for American servicemen tourists to the area, carefully documents the Berghof area and Berghof bunker, the primary residences and command center of Adolf Hitler located in Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden, Germany. It delineates the extensive complex that included not only Hitler's home but also the residences of key figures such as Hermann Göring and Martin Bormann, alongside various administrative and military facilities, underscoring the site's significance as a nerve center of the Nazi regime.

The map reflects the interest in documenting and understanding the operational and personal domains of the Nazi leadership and the emergent tourist industry around the location. The detailed enumeration of buildings, such as the SS barracks, the NSDAP administration buildings, and leisure facilities like the greenhouse and swimming pool, provides insight into the daily life and military organization at the Obersalzberg complex. This area, once a secluded mountain retreat, was transformed into a fortified compound, reflecting the militarization of the Nazi leadership's lifestyle and their efforts to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst the war.

The maps were published by Therese Partner at Hotel 'Zum Türken' in Obersalzberg. 

Condition Description
Previously mounted to card (likely in an album) with nonarchival tape, while the tape has been removed, some staining remains on the verso. Small loss at the neatline, lower right corner, reinstated.