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This panoramic photograph, taken in 1914, depicts Juneau, Alaska, with the clarity and depth characteristic of F.W. Sheelor’s panoramic photographic technique. It presents a comprehensive view of the burgeoning town against the backdrop of majestic mountains and expansive waterways at the outset of the 20th century.

Juneau, established as the capital of Alaska in 1906, was a focal point for regional development during this period, particularly due to the gold mining industry. The photograph captures the town at a pivotal moment when the influences of modernity and the lingering wilderness were intertwined. The dense arrangement of buildings along the waterfront illustrates the rapid economic growth spurred by the mining boom, juxtaposed with the untamed natural beauty of the Alaskan landscape.

The work of F.W. Sheelor is notable for its technical proficiency in panoramic photography in the early 1900s. The clustering of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings paints a detailed picture of daily life and the economic vigor within this remote community.

Condition Description
Large panoramic photograph, flattened. With some repaired edge tears.