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In 1544, Peter Apian incorporated a world map into his Cosmographia, based upon Gemma Frisius' larger world map of 1540, of which no known copy exists. The continents are largely based upon Mercator's 1541 Globe Gores, although North America has shrunk to a narrow strip and has named it Baccalearium (good Cod Fishing nearby). The northwest passage is clearly identified. South America is designated "America", likely in deference to Waldseemuller's world map of 1513. The Straits of Magellan are shown. The Gemma Frisius map was believed to have been dedicated to Emporer Charles V. One of the deities at the top of the map bears the Holy Roman Emporer's Double Eagle on it breast plate. The heart shaped border of the map contains signs of the ar which was bound into the 1583 Basle edition of Gregor Reisch's Magarita Philisophica. Copies of the map from the Reisch are much rarer than the first state of the Cosmographia map. The two can be distinguished by the re-engraved title at the top. This example is in excellent condition and the quality of the engraving is rich and dark. Shirley 82.