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Rare separately published English Sea Chart of the Java Sea, Java and parts of Borneo, Bally and Sumatra, with an inset map of part of the Island of Lubeck, published by William Herbert.

Herbert is perhaps best known for his A New Directory for the East-Indies . . . , a set of sailing directions originally published by William Herbert, William Nichelson and Samuel Dunn and later expanded by Gabriel Wright.

The present chart is likely based upon Mannevillette's chart of the same region, but with the the addition of the inset at the lower left, showing part of the Island of Lubeck and noting the tracks of the Osterly. A similar chart was published by Laurie & Whittle.

William Herbert Biography

The English mapmaker William Herbert (1718-95) traveled to India in about 1748 as a purser's clerk. Back home in the early 1750s, he set up a map and print shop on London Bridge, and in 1758, with the encouragement of the East India Company, he introduced a new pilot guide, the New Directory for the East Indies. Herbert gathered superior sources than those used in Mount & Page's The Third Book, consulting such works as Mannevillette's Neptune Oriental, as well as the navigator William Nicholson and the cartographer Samuel Dunn.