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1774 Louis Brion de la Tour
$ 345.00

Interesting map of the Western Hemisphere showing explorers routes with dates, an early New Zealand and one very curious anomaly. At first look, the NW Coast of America has been updated to include the entire western coastline above Capo Mendocino and Capo Blanco, extending further westward in a convex fashion and seemingly rejecting the earlier French post Buache-De L'Isle models which included the Bay of the West & the discoveries of Aguilar & De Font. However, on closer look, the Bay of the West & related landmarks are still shown, one of the only maps to retain both features. A very unusual map.

Louis Brion de la Tour Biography

Louis Brion de la Tour (ca. 1743-1803) was a French geographer and demographer. Little is known about Louis’ early life, but some glimpses of his professional life survive. He did achieve the title of Ingénieur Géographe du Roi. Much of his work was done in partnership with Louis Charles Desnos, who was bookseller and geographical engineer for globes to the Danish Crown. He worked on the Indicateur fidèle ou guide des voyageurs, qui enseigne toutes les routes royales between 1762 and 1785. During his career he also worked on several atlases. By 1795, he had gained a pension from the National Assembly. Perhaps this pension was granted in part because his son, also Louis Brion de la Tour (1763-1823), was an engraver who made Revolutionary prints, as well as maps.