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A Plan of Fort St. George and the City of Madras. London Magazine 1747 $75.00 Details
A Map of the Five Great Lakes, with Part of Pensilvania, New York, Canada and Hudson's Bay Territories &c. [Contemporary Manuscript annotations] London Magazine 1755 $795.00 Details
A Map of the British & French Plantations in North America London Magazine 1755 $495.00 Details
A Map of Maryland with the Delaware Counties and the Southern Part of New Jersey &c. London Magazine 1757 $575.00 Details
A New Map of the Cherokee Nation with the Names of the Towns & Rivers They are Situated on No. Lat. From 34 to 36 London Magazine 1760 $1,100.00 Details
A Map of the Port of Cartagena Surveyed by Michelot & Bremond . . . London Magazine 1760 $65.00 Details
The Isles of Montreal as they have been Survey'd By the French Engineers London Magazine 1761 $345.00 Details
Plan of New Orleans The Capital of Louisiana London Magazine 1761 $675.00 Details
A Plan of the Straits of St. Mary, and Michilimakinac, to Shew the Situation & Importance of the Two Westernmost Settlements of Canada for the Fur Trade London Magazine 1761 $475.00 Details
A new chart of the seas surrounding the island of Cuba, with the soundings, currents, ships, courses &c. and a map of the island itself lately made by an officer in the Navy London Magazine 1762 $750.00 Details
A New and Correct Map of the American Islands, now called the West Indies, with the whole Coast of Neighbouring Continent: Kitchin  / London Magazine 1762 $450.00 Details
An Exact Prospect of Charlestown, the Metropolis of the Province of South Carolina London Magazine 1762 (1779) $6,500.00 Details
A New Map of North America From The Latest Discoveries 1763 London Magazine 1763 $595.00 Details
A New Map of the Province of Quebec in North America; Drawn from the Best Authorities . . . London Magazine 1764 $295.00 Details
A New Map of the North East Coast of Asia, and North West Coast of America, with the late Russian Discoveries. London Magazine 1765 $145.00 Details
A Correct Plan of Constantinople with the Adjacent Country, from An Actual Survey London Magazine 1770 $245.00 Details
A Chart of the Channel in the Philippine Islands through which the Manila Galeon passes, with a Map of Manila Island London Magazine 1770 $675.00 Details