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Maps of Central Asia

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Routes et Aerodromes du Nepal (with contemporary manuscript additions) Milleville 1990 ca $125.00 Details
Kathmandu Patan Kantipur Lalitpur (and) Kathmandu Valley Jore Ganesh Press Pvt. Ltd. 1986 ca $275.00 Details
Road Map of Iran Sahab Cartographical Drafting 1977 $125.00 Details
Lapchi Kang Nepal Aufschnaiter 1970 ca $125.00 Details
Road To Rangoon Chapin 1945 $175.00 Details
Expedition Citroen Centre-Asie 3eme Mission G.-M. Haardt - L. Audouin-Dubreuil Coulouma-Publicite 1931 $575.00 Details
China, Manchuria and Mongolia (with insets of Hong Kong and Canton / Beijing) Philip & Son 1920 ca $375.00 Details
K2 - Southeast Face / Duke of Abruzzi Expedition (Signed By 1954 Italian Climbing Team) Sella 1909 (1954 ca) $9,500.00 Details
The Pamirs and Adjoining Territories of Central Asia and India Compiled by H. Sharbau, under the direction of The Right Honble. G.N. Curzon M.P. To illustrate his paper on the Oxus and the Pamirs. 1896 Royal Geographical Society 1896 $875.00 Details
Dislocations-Karte der Indo-britischen Streitkräfte in ost-indien un der russischen streitkräfte in Asien nebst tabellarischer Uebersicht der Organisation dieser Streitkräfte im Frieden und im Kriege. Schuler 1892 $675.00 Details
Mission Du Thibet Launay 1890 $475.00 Details
Map of the North Western Frontier of India Showing the Pamir Region and Part of Afghanistan Stanford 1890 $345.00 Details
The Euphrates Valley, Syria, Kurdistan Stanford 1890 $75.00 Details
Persia Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Siberia Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Afghanistan Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
Map of Persia, Arabia, Turkey in Asia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan. Mitchell, Jr. 1881 $75.00 Details
Map of Hindoostan, Farther India, China and Tibet Mitchell Jr. 1865 $55.00 Details
Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan Mitchell, Jr. 1861 $55.00 Details
Persia Arabia &c. Colton 1859 $75.00 Details