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Maps of the United States

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(First Appearance of Dallas on a Printed Map) A New Map for Travelers through the United States of America, Showing the Railroads, Canals & Stage Roads . . . 1846 Sherman & Smith 1846 $2,800.00 Details
(Gulf Stream Map -- Atlantic or Western Ocean) American Philosophical Society  / Jones 1799 $1,800.00 Details
(Pro-Spanish Republic Political Broadside) [Lift The Embargo Against The Spanish Republic] President Roosevelt says . . . 1939 ca $375.00 Details
(United States) Boy Scouts of America Jamboree Washington D.C. August 21-30 1935 Wood 1935 $1,600.00 Details
(Unrecorded State!) North America from the French of Mr. D'Anville Improved with the English Surveys made Since the Peace . . . June 1779 Sayer   &  Bennett 1779 $1,200.00 Details
(Western United States) Workable Coal Lands General Land Office 1906 $245.00 Details
1875 Progress Map of the Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian Wheeler 1875 $145.00 Details
A Chart of the Great Western Ocean with the Coast of Europe, Africa & America . . . Done according to Mercator or Mr. Wright's Projection Senex  / Halley  / Cutler  / Parker 1728 $575.00 Details
A Complete, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas. . . Carey   &  Lea 1823 $9,500.00 Details
A General Map of the Middle British Colonies In America, viz. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, New-York, Connecticut and Rhode-Island: of Aquanishuonigy the Country of the Confederate Indians . . . Exhibiting the Antient and Present Seats of the Indian Nations . . . Evans  / Sayer & Jefferys 1755 (1775) $4,500.00 Details
A Geographical Chart: or, A Scheme, Comprehending The Most Important Particulars Relative To The Geography of North and South-America. : Designed to be an Auxiliary to the Student. Carefully Compiled from the Best authorities, by Amos Bingham [Copy-Right Secured] Bingham  / Barber 1805 $3,500.00 Details
A Map Exhibiting all the New Discoveries in the Interior Parts of North America. Inscribed by Permission To the Honorable Governor And Company of Adventurers of England Trading Into Hudsons Bay In testimony of their liberal Communications . . . Additions to 1802 Arrowsmith 1802 $85,000.00 Details
A Map of Lewis and Clark's Track, Across the Western Portion of North America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean; By Order of the Executive of the United States, in 1804, 5 & 6. Copied by Samuel Lewis from the Original Drawing of Wm. Clark. Lewis   &  Clark 1814 (1979) $2,400.00 Details
A Map of Louisiana And Of The River Mississipi . . . . Senex 1721 $3,600.00 Details
A Map of North America, Constructed According To The Latest Information: by H.S. Tanner. Improved to 1825 [Case Map] Tanner 1825 $19,500.00 Details
A Map of the British & French Plantations in North America London Magazine 1755 $495.00 Details
A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America. With the Roads, Distances, limits, and Extent of the Settlements, Humbly Inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Halifax, and other Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations . . . 1755 Mitchell  / Covens & Mortier 1755 $35,000.00 Details
A Map of the Northern and Middle States; Comprehending Western Territory and the British Dominions in North America from the best Authorities Stockdale  / Morse 1792 $695.00 Details
A Map of the States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Comprehending the Spanish Provinces of East and West Florida Exhibiting the Boundaries between the United States and Spanish Dominions as fixed by the Treaty of Peace in 1783 Compiled . . . By Joseph Purcell Purcell  / Doolittle 1788 $1,800.00 Details
A Map of the United States compiled chiefly from The State Maps and other Authentic Information, by Saml. Lewis 1795 Carey 1795 $9,500.00 Details