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Maps of the Mid Atlantic (Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington D.C., West Virginia)

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Nova Tabula Geographica Complectens Borealiorem Americae Partem . . . Canada sive Nova Francia, Nova Scotia, Novia Anglia, Novum Belgium, Pensylvania, Virginia, Carolina . . . Visscher  / Schenk 1745 $1,900.00 Details
A New and Accurate Map of Virginia & Maryland Laid Down from Surveys and Regulated by Astron'l Observatns. . . . Bowen 1747 $975.00 Details
Speciel Land Charte von Pensilvanien, Neu Jersey, Neu York und von denen drey Land-schafften an dem Delaware Fl. In America in Englischer Spr. gedruckt A. 1749 In Europa duffgelegt in Teutsch Spr. zu Francfurt am M. A. 1750. Evans 1750 $55,000.00 Details
Carte Des Pays connus sous le nom de Canada dans laquelle sont distinguees les possessions francoises, & angl. [A Part of George Washington's Library] De Vaugondy 1753 $3,900.00 Details
Carte De La Virginie Et Du Maryland Dressee sur la grande carte Angloise de Mrs. Josue Fry et Pierre Jefferson . . . 1755 (First State, with Lord Fairfax Line Shown) De Vaugondy 1755 $2,900.00 Details
A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America. With the Roads, Distances, limits, and Extent of the Settlements, Humbly Inscribed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Halifax, and other Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations . . . 1755 Mitchell  / Covens & Mortier 1755 $35,000.00 Details
A General Map of the Middle British Colonies In America, viz. Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, New-York, Connecticut and Rhode-Island: of Aquanishuonigy the Country of the Confederate Indians . . . Exhibiting the Antient and Present Seats of the Indian Nations . . . Evans  / Sayer & Jefferys 1755 (1775) $4,500.00 Details
The British & French Dominions in North America Particularly Shewing the French Encroachments through all the British Plantations from Nova Scotia down to the Gulf of Mexico Bowles 1755 ca $8,500.00 Details
A Map of the Eastern part of the Province of New York, with part of New Jersey - &c. -- Drawn from the best Authorities . . . London Magazine 1756 $575.00 Details
A Map of the Province of Pensilvania Drawn from the Best Authorities By T. Kitchin Gr. Kitchin 1756 $750.00 Details
[The First Maps in Printed Color] Cartes en Couleur des Lieux Sujets aux tremblements de Terre Dans toutes les parties du Monde Selon le Sisteme de l’impulsion Solaire Gautier d'Agoty 1756 $19,500.00 Details
America Septentrionalis a Domino d'Anville in Galliis edita nunc in Anglia Coloniis in Interiorem Virginiam . . . 1756 Homann Heirs 1756 $975.00 Details
A Map of Maryland with the Delaware Counties and the Southern Part of New Jersey &c. London Magazine 1757 $575.00 Details
Recens Edita totius Novi Belgii, in America Septenrionali siti, delineatio cura et sumptibus . . Lotter 1757 ca $2,500.00 Details
Map of the Country between Wills Creek and Fort du Quesne Gentleman's and London Magazine 1758 $975.00 Details
Carte De La Louisiane, Maryland, Virginie, Caroline, Georgie, avec une Partie de la Floride . . . 1758 Covens   &  Mortier 1758 $1,400.00 Details
Part of North America; comprehending the Course of the Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina and Georgia Barrow 1759 $575.00 Details
[Colonial Manuscript Map and Indenture -- Wilmington, Delaware] Anonymous Manuscript Map 1761 $1,200.00 Details
A Map of that Part of America where a Degree of Latitude was measured for the Royal Society by Cha. Mason & Jere: Dixon Gentlemans Magazine 1769 $475.00 Details
Carte De la Virginie et Maryland, ou De La Bai De Chesapeak, et Pays Voisins . . . Krevelt 1770 $395.00 Details