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Maps of Alaska

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Amerique Russe, et Parties Des Regions Polaires Boreales Garnier 1860 $295.00 Details
North Western America Showing The Territory Ceded By Russia To The United States Compiled for the Department of State B. Peirce, Supt. 1867. Lindenkohl 1867 $3,600.00 Details
Northern America. British, Russian & Danish Possessions in North America Colton 1872 $75.00 Details
Colton's Territory of Alaska (Russian America) Ceded by Russia to the United States Colton 1872 $165.00 Details
Map of the Territory of Alaska (Russian America) Ceded by Russia to the United States Gray 1873 $125.00 Details
Map of Alaska And Adjoining Regions compiled by Ivan Petroff Special Agent Tenth Census 1880. Showing The Distribution of Native Tribes Bien & Co. 1880 $175.00 Details
Indian Territory / Alaska Bradley & Bros. 1884 $125.00 Details
Northwestern America Showing The Territory Ceded By Russia To the United States Mitchell Jr. 1888 $145.00 Details
Map of the Province of British Columbia -- Compiled from the latest Government Surveys, by kind permission, and with the valuable assistance of the officers of the Department of Lands and Works of the Province. . . . 1893 Dominion Publishing Co 1893 $3,800.00 Details
Map of the Yukon Gold Belt Showing The New Discoveries and the Routes Thereto (From The Latest Information) (with Levi Strauss & Co. Advertising) McDonald  / Britton & Rey 1897 $3,500.00 Details
Rand McNally & Co's New Hand Map of Alaska Showing New Towns and Gold Fields . . . (Pocket Map) Rand McNally & Co 1897 $225.00 Details
Map of Alaska & Surroundings. Showing The Klondike Gold Fields, And Routes To The Mining Camp. Anonymous 1897 $175.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska. Compiled from United States and Russian Authorities. Published in June 1897 . . . / Rand McNally & Co's Map of Alaska Rand McNally & Company   Graham 1897 $1,200.00 Details
All About Alaska The Klondike Gold Fields and the Wonderful Talking Machine To The Klondike and Return . . . Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1898 $750.00 Details
The Gold and Coal Fields of Alaska Together with the Principal Steamer Routes and Trails . . . 1898 . . . US Geological Survey 1898 $295.00 Details
(Gold Rush Map with Routes To the Diggings) Rand McNally & Company's Alaska (and Gold Regions) Rand McNally & Company 1898 $275.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska and Eastern Siberia To Accompany The Reindeer Report . . . By 1st Lieut. Ellsworth P. Bertholf Revenue Cutter Service 1901 United States GPO 1901 $175.00 Details
Sketch Map of Sixtymile River Gold-Fields to accompany Summary Report by R.G. McConnell, B.A. 1901. Geological Survey of Canada 1901 $245.00 Details
Map of Klondike District and Vicinity. . . . Geological Survey of Canada 1901 $195.00 Details
Economic Geological Map of Seward Peninsula Alaska Bien & Co. 1901 $75.00 Details