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Maps of Alaska

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Greater Juneau Area (View and Map) Ripley 1966 $65.00 Details
Yellowhead Highway 16 West Gateway to Alaska (with views of Prince George, Terrace, B.C., and Prince Rupert B.C. Pictorial Advertising 1965 ca $45.00 Details
La bandera victoriosa del Japon ondea sobre el Pacifico . . . Anonymous 1942 $975.00 Details
A Good-Natured Map of Alaska showing the services offered by "The Alaska Line" and suggesting some of the most interesting features of the Territory Camy 1939 $675.00 Details
Territory of Alaska Alaska Steam Ship Company 1936 $345.00 Details
Territory of Alaska. Alaska Steamship Co. The Alaska Line McCaffrey 1936 $345.00 Details
Map of the Inside Passage Cruise To Alaska Alaska Steam Ship Company 1930 ca $245.00 Details
Map of the Canadian Rockies -- Triangle Tour of British Columbia Jaspar National Park Mount Robson Park Canadian Rockies and The Scenic Seas of the Northwest Coast Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian National Railway 1929 ca $175.00 Details
[Bering Land Bridge, Alaska] Teller-Kougarok Area Compliments of Lomen Commercial Company Nome, Alaska Lomen Commercial Company 1915 ca $245.00 Details
Port Simpson To Port McArthur including the Inner Channels and Prince of Wales Island from the Latest United States and Brisht Surveys . . . 1907 British Admiralty 1907 (1910) $375.00 Details
Alaska Cram 1906 $45.00 Details
Alaska (double page) Cram 1906 $65.00 Details
(With City Plans of Juneau, Sitka and Nome) Alaska Compiled from Official Records of the General Land Office, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and other sources . . . 1906 General Land Office 1906 $275.00 Details
Part of the Thirteen L.H. District (Alaska, Unimak and Akutan Passes, Alexander Archipelago) Graham 1903 ca $175.00 Details
The Southern Part of Portland Canal Alaska From Chart No. 8100 of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey 1891-99 Davidson  / US Coast & Geodetic Survey 1903 $475.00 Details
Die Goldgebiete zu beiden Seiten der Bering-Strasse. Von Hauptmann Fr. Immanuel. Petermann 1902 $145.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska. Compiled from United States and Russian Authorities. . . January 1902 US Coast & Geodetic Survey 1902 $475.00 Details
Map of Klondike District and Vicinity. . . . Geological Survey of Canada 1901 $195.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska and Eastern Siberia To Accompany The Reindeer Report . . . By 1st Lieut. Ellsworth P. Bertholf Revenue Cutter Service 1901 United States GPO 1901 $175.00 Details
Sketch Map of Sixtymile River Gold-Fields to accompany Summary Report by R.G. McConnell, B.A. 1901. Geological Survey of Canada 1901 $245.00 Details