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Stock# 20702

A dramatic visual rendering of Los Angeles's explosive growth in the second decade of the 20th Century, including the City's annexation of the City of Hollywood (1910), the San Fernando Addition (1915), the Palms Addition (1915), the Westgate Addition (1916), the West Coast Addition (1917), and the City of Sawtelle (1918).

The map extends as far west as Calabasas, Saddle Peak, Rancho El Escorpion and the Chatsworth Reservoir, north to Fernando Pass and Griffith Ranch, East to Altadena, Bairdstown Division, Repetto RAncho and Rancho San Antonio, and south to the Port Fermin Lighthouse and San Pedro Bay. Prepared by L.P. Abell, whose name appears in the lower left corner of the map, the map depictes the evolution of the City of Los Angeles, overlaid on an detailed topographical map, which also shows several Ranchos and a number of Electric Rail Lines, and includes early township lines. The size of each community annexed by Los Angeles and the date of the ordinance which approved such annexation is given for each annexation noted. A key in th lower left corner compiles this historical data. Particularly noteworthy is the Shoestring Addition, a narrow corridor annexed in 1906 to connect Los Angeles with Wilmington and San Pedro, which were themselves annexed in 1909.

The map is a more detailed and updated version of Homer Hamlin's outline blue print map of the same title, dated 1916, which was featured and illustrated in the Library of Congress' exhibition: Los Angeles Mapped. The Hamlin is significantly less detailed and does not include the later annexations, nor does it include any of the topographical information included in this map. Link here for the exhibition at the Library of Congess . The earliested edition of Hamlin's map would seem to date to 1908 (Harvard University). The University of Wisconsin holds an edition dated 1912. An enlarged version of this 1918 edition of the map and crediting Hansen, Prince and Abell is in the collection of the Huntington Library. Later editions of the map dating to the 1920s and 1930s are noted in OCLC, but no other pre-1925 editions of the map.

Condition Description
Minor soiling.