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Stock# 1727

Vander Aa's edition of Arnold Colom's map of the World, first published in 1655 and re-issued in 1660 in by Jacob Van Meurs. The two hemispheres are surrounded by six figures, representing day and night and the four elements. California is shown as a an Island, but the NW Coast of America and the Strait of Anian remain prominent. The large southern continent has now disappeared entirely from the Western Hemisphere, although a trace remains in the Eastern Hemisphere. This edition is updated to show a nearly complete Australia, lacking only a portion of its southern coastline. The Great Lakes are not yet present. Shirley 417.

Pieter van der Aa Biography

Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733) was a Dutch mapmaker and publisher who printed pirated editions of foreign bestsellers and illustrated books, but is best known for his voluminous output of maps and atlases. Van der Aa was born to a German stonecutter from Holstein. Interestingly, all three van der Aa sons came to be involved in the printing business. Hildebrand was a copper engraver and Boudewyn was a printer.