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Blaeu maps

  • Subject: Blaeu maps
  • From: Barry Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 22:36:19 -0700

The following Blaeu maps are listed at wholesale prices and with the following discount schedule.
All maps have full original handcoloring, full wide margins, latin text and are in very nice condition without tears or repairs.

Offer extends until May 25, 2000.  Images are available on request.

10% off if purchasing 2 maps, 20% if purchasing 5 or more maps, 30% off for 10 or more.  Offers entertained on the lot.

List of French Maps By Blaeu (latin ed., date unknown).

1. Dioecesis Sarlatensis Vernacule Le Dioecese De Sarlat, Ioannes Tardo... (centered on Molieres and Beaumont).  Immense cartouche and scale of miles. $195.00

2. Comitatus Bellovacum Verncule Beauvais (includes Champagne and Beauvais).  Cartouche and figure holding scale of miles.   $195.00

3. Bressia Vulgo Bresse (Leon, Siesel and Geneva).  Two cartouches. $245.00

4. Territorium Metense Auctore Ab Fabert Consule urbis Metesis (centered on Metz).  Two cartouches and 4 coats of arms. $245.00

5. Les Souverainetez De Sedan et de Rucourt et la Prevoste De Doncheri.  Two Cartouches and elaborate coat of arms. $245.00

6. Ducaus Andegavensis Auctore Licimo Guyeto Andegavense Aniou (centered on Angiers).  Cartouche and 2 coats of arms. $245.00

7. Cenomanorum Galliae regionis typus Vulgo Le Mans. Auct. Matheo Ogerio.  (centered on Le Mens).  Cartouche and large decorated table. $195.00

8.Lotharingia Ducatus; Vulgo Lorraine (centered on Nancy).  Elaborate coat of arms and banner cartouche. $195.00

9.Caurcium Vernacule Querci (Centered on Cahors) Two cartouches and elaborate coat of arms on banner.   $195.00

10.Nivernium Ducatus Gallice Duche De Nevers.  (Centered on Nevers) Cartouche and scale of miles. $195.00

11.Les environs de L?Estand De Longpendu, Comprenant vue grande partie du Compte de Charolois. Par Ican van Damme Sr. d?Amendale.  Two cartouches.   $195.00

12.Xaintonge et Angoumois (centered on Xainetes and Cognac).  Two cartouches. $275.00

13.Dioecese de Rheims, et le pais de Rethel. Par Ican Iubrien Chalonnois.  (Centered on Reims).  Cartouche, 2 coats of arms and compass rose. $175.00

14.Languedoc.  Two cartouches, coat of arms, compass rose and sailing ship. $195.00

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