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linen backed maps

  • Subject: linen backed maps
  • From: Joel Kovarsky <jsk@gamewood.net>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 12:51:49 -0500

Below is our current list of linen-backed maps. Please contact us for further details (information at end of list).
Philip, George & Son (designed by London Geographical Institute): Dominion of New Zealand ; London: George Philip & Son, 1900 $150

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): Third Battle of Ypres, Summer and Autumn, 1917. London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Stanford, Edward: (Map- Boer War): Crisis in South Africa, Stanford's New Map of the Orange Free State, the Southern Part of the South African Republic, the Northern Frontier of Cape Colony...in Portuguese East Africa London: Stanford's Geographical Establishment, 1900 $225

Juta, J. C. & Co. (sold By Edward Stanford): Juta's Map of South Africa from the Cape to the Zambesi Compiled from the Best Available Colonial and Imperial Information Including the Official Cape Colony Map By the Surveyor General, Cape Town, ...New and Revised Edition ; Cape Town: J.C. Jutta & Co., 1895 $325

Wyld, James (Geographer to the Queen): (Linen-Backed Map / Chart): South Africa ; London: James Wyld, 11 & 12 Charing Cross S.W., 1884 $350

Wyld, James (Geographer to His Majesty): : A Map of the Province of Upper Canada Describing All the New Settlements, Townships, &c...Countries Adjacent From Quebec to Lake Huron...From the Original Documents...Surveyor General's Office...1835 ; London (...Nearly Opposite Northumberland House): Js. Wyld & Son Successors to Mr. Faden, 1835 $875

Lockyer, Hughes C. (Stanford): : A Reference Chart of the English Channel Compiled By Lieutenant Hughes C. Lockyer...1899. Shewing the Principal Sea Lights and Buoys, Generl Topography...Outlying Dangers on the English Coast ; London: Edward Stanford, 1901 $275

Stanford, Edward: (Map of England, Wales): Stanford's Railway and Road Map of England and Wales 1865 ; London: Edward Stanford, 1865 $175

Wyld, James (Geographer to Her Majesty): (Map / Chart of Australia- linen backed): Map of Australia, Compiled from the Nautical Surveys, Made By Order of The Admiralty... ; London: James Wyld, 11 & 12 Charing Cross S.W., 1861 $595

Stanford ( Engr. By J & C Walker): : Stanford's Road and Railway Map of Ireland ; London: Edward Stanford, 1859 $295

Davies & Co. (Engravers for the Admiralty office): (Map / Chart of South Pacific Ocean): Pacific Ocean...to San Francisco and Easter Island (South East Sheet) ; London: Amiralty Office, 1907 $150

John Bartholomew & Son (drawn and engraved by): (Map of England- Staffordshire): Staffordshire ; London: George Philip & Son, 1860 $125

Ordnance Survey : (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): Allied Advance, 1918 ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Lewis, Samuel (& Co.) (Engraved By I. Dover): (3 Map Set, Linen-Backed): A Map of Scotland Divided Inot the Counties Shewing the Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers, Canals , Lochs, Mountains, Islands &c. ... ; London: Samuel Lewis & Co., 1845 $525

Philip, George & Son (designed by London Geographical Instute): (Map of China and Japan): Philips' Authentic Map of China Mounted on Cloth ; London: George Philip & Son, 1905 $150

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): The German Offensive on the Lys, April 1918 ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Stanford, Edward: (Map of Scotland- Linen-Backed): Scotland... ; London: Edward Stanford, 1890  $125

Stanford, Edward ( Petermann, Augustus: (Map of Mediterranean, North Africa- Linen-Backed): Das Mittellanische Meer Nord-Afrika... ; London: Edward Stanford, 1881 $185

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): The British Advance to the Rhine ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $90

Arrowsmith, J.: (Map- Cuba, Porto Rico, Jamaica): West Indies ; London: Edward Stanford , 1894 $195

Walker, J & C: (Map of England): East Riding of Yorkshire ; London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Co., 1860 $135

Walker, J & C: (Map of England): West Riding of Yorkshire ; London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Co., 1860 $135

Reynolds (Edward Stanford): (2 Map Set, linen backed- The Thames, England): 1. The River Thames from London to Gravesend 2. Reynold's New Chart of the Thames Estuary ; London: Edward Stanford (Stanford's Geographical Establishment), 1900 $145

Weller, Edward (engraver- for Admiralty office): (Map / Chart of South Pacific Ocean): Tuamotu (Paumotu) or Low Archipelago, Compiled from the Discoveries & Surveys of Cook, Kotzebue...Beechey...Wilkes...with Corrections from the French Chart of 1871 ; London: Amiralty Office, 1898 $150

Captain J.L. Stokes, Commanders B. Drury and B.H. Richards (Admiralty Service): (British Admiralty Linen-Backed Chart / Map / Coastal Survey- Pacific Ocean): New Zealand ; London: Admiralty Office, 1885 $250

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): The German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line, Winter, 1916-17. ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Stieler (Petermann): (Map of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, south Texas): Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America...Bl. 6. ; Gotha: Justus Perthes, 1881 (rev.) $120

Gorlinski, Joseph (Joe S. Wilson, Commissioner): (Map of United States): Map of the United States and Territories, Showing the Extent of Public Surveys and Other Details ; Washington DC: Dept. of the Interior , 1867 $580

Isthmian Canal Commission, Panama Canal, Lock Canal Project : (Map of Panama Canal): Map Showing Line of Proposed Lock Canal with Summit Elevation at 85 Feet 1906. ; New York: Julius Bien & Co., 1906 $160

Hydrographic Office, Admiralty : (Map of Suez Canal- Egypt): The Suez Canal...From a French Survey 1869 ; London: Amiralty Office, 1871 $425

Stanford, Edward: (Map of Eastern China, Japan, Korea): Stanford's Map of Eastern China, Japan, and Korea ; London: Edward Stanford , 1898 $195

The Scarborough Company: (Map of New York): Scarborough's New York... ; Boston: The Scarborough Company, 1903 $125

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): German Offensive on the Somme. March, 1918. ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $110

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): Battle of Cambral. November & December, 1917. ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $75

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): The Battle of Arras. Spring, 1917. ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): Somme Battle, 1916. ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $95

Faden, William: (Map of the Netherlands, Flanders): A Map of the Seven United Provinces , with the Land of Drent, and the Generality Lands...1789 ; London: W. Faden, 1794 $285

Ordnance Survey: (World War I- Battle Map, Linen-Backed): Final British Offensive, August-November 1918 ; London: Ordnance Survey, 1920 $110

Mittelbach, R. : (Linen-backed Bicycle Map of Vienna region): Radfahrerkarte Vo Wien U. Weitere Umgebung ; Leipzig: Mittelback Verlag Leipzig, 1900 $80

Cruchley, G. F.: (Tourist Map / Chart of English Lake Country, Cumberland, Westmoreland- linen backed): Cruchley's New Map of the Lakes, Shewing the Railways, Roads, Parks &c. Based on the Ordnance Survey. ; London: G. F. Cruchley (81 Fleet Street), 1867 $175

Sands, John: (Linen Backed Chart / Street Plan - Australia, Sydney):New Map of the City of Sydney and Suburbs, with Index of Streets ; John Sands, 374 George St., 1890 $595

Ham, Thomas (Intro. By Thomas A. Darragh): (Facsimile Map with 22pp introductory text): A Map of Australia Felix ; Carlton (Australia): Queensberry Hill Press, 1985. Limited/Numbered $150

Johnston, W. & A.K.: (folding, linen-backed, wall map): General Map of North America Constructed from the Best Authorities and Embodying the Results of All Explorations to the Present Time ; Edinburgh: W. & A.K. Johnston, 1897 $1200

Wyld, James (Geographer to the Queen): (Folding, Pocket Map- England): Hampshire and Isle of Wight ; London: James Wyld, 11 & 12 Charing Cross S.W. , 1875 $140

Wyld, James: (Folding, Linen-Backed Map of China): Map of China Compiled from Original Surveys & Sketches...1840 ; London: James Wyld, Charing Cross East , 1840 $400

Smith, Charles: (Folding, Linen-Backed Map of Europe- The Napoleonic Wars): A New Map Shewing the Seat of War Between the Allied Powers and France Comprehending the Whole of Germany, Poland, The United Provinces, France and Italy, with Part of Spain, ... ; London: C. Smith, Mapseller- Extraordinary to The Prince Regent, 172 Strand , 1815 $385

Mylne, Robert W.: (Thematic Linen Backed Chart-  Public Works, England): Map of the Geology and Contours of London and Its Environs ; London: R.W. Mylne (published for the author, by Edward Stanford), 1856 $685

Seaton, Robert: (Folding Linen-Backed Map- with companion text): Seaton's Map of Palestine, or the Holy Land, with Part of Egypt, Compiled from Surveys Made for the French and English Governments. ; London: Admiralty of England , 1853 $675

Wyld, James (Geographer to the Queen): (Linen-Backed Chart- Nile River) Map of Africa Shewing the Discovery of the Sources of the Nile By Captns. Speke, Grant & Dr. Livingstone. ; London: James Wyld (457 West Strand, 11 & 12 Charing Cross & 2 Royal Exchange), 1873 $295

Sands & McDougall: (Linen-Backed City / Town Plan- Australia): Sands & McDougall's Proprietary Limited New Map of Melbourne and Suburbs...Tramways, Railways, Streets, Municipalities, Bowling Clubs...Revised to Date ; Melbourne: Sands & McDougall, 1890 $375

Bartholomew, John G. (Edinburgh Geographical Institute): (Set of 7 Linen Backed Maps): Bartholomew's "Quarter Inch to the Mile" Map of Ireland, Reduced By Permission from the Ordnance Survey ; London: Sifton Praed and Co., Ltd. (St. James Street), 1910 $280

Bacon, G. W.: Bacon's Survey Map of Central Scotland...Counties, Burghs & Parishes...Railways & Roads with Distances & Elevations ; Manchester (Royal London Buildings): G.W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., 1905 $195

Jervis, Colonel: (3 Linen Backed Maps, Set- Crimea, Crimean War): To Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria and the Allied Armies of France and England, This...Military...Toopographical Map...Krima Peninsula...At the Military Topographical Depot...1817, Corrected...185 ; Military Topgraphical Depot, 1855 $925

Wyld, James (Geographer to Her Majesty): (2 Map / Chart Set, Linen Backed- United Kingdom): A New Map of England and Wales, Projected upon the Trigonometrical Operations Made for the General Survey of the Kingdom ; London: James Wyld (4 Doors from Trafalgar Square), 1851 $395

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