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Overton's America

  • Subject: Overton's America
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:19:40 -0700

Calling all map librarians and other depositories!

I am in the process of attempting to save a damaged example of Overton's
Large map of America published in 1711.

To Her Most Sacred Majesty Ann Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland,
This Mapp Of America Is Most Humbly Dedicated by Your Majesties Most
Dutyfull Subject Henry Overton 1711.  McLauglin 182; Tooley 92; Leighly 163.

The map has two areas of loss which will require substantial manuscript
work.  I would be most appreciative for any leads as to where I can locate
a copy(ies), in order to obtain high resolution photographs or other copies
to provide to my conservationist. 

I hope this posting doesn't offend anyone. I hope that rescuing a rare item
such as this unites dealers and librarians in a common cause, especially
since it likely means saving a rarity which will almost certainly
ultimately demise to an institutional collection. 

Thank you.

Barry Ruderman

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