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Walker Town Atlases

  • Subject: Walker Town Atlases
  • From: "Kevin G. O'Connor" <oconnor@netcom.com>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Aug 98 07:05:43 -0700

Hello all,

I dropped by a local general antique dealer.  He had an "Atlas of Attleboro
Town Massachusetts" by Geo. H. Walker & Co. from 1880.  He would like to
move it.  I said I'd pass the message along.  Is there anyone who might have
interest in this atlas?  It appears to be in "very good" shape, but I am new
at the assessment of these things. There are a couple of loose leaves, and
the color of the paper is age-toned to a similar extent as most Colton or
Johnson maps I've seen from the same 20 year period. It has a number of
lithos of prominent houses in the town.  The binding is worn, but the covers
are in fairly good shape.

As I am new to this list as well as collecting, please let me know if this
is an innappropriate use of the list.  I was the/a person who asked Barry for
a charter and might help put together a hello/welcome message for newcomers
if I can collect enough appropriate info.

Responses to both queries are welcome.

Thank you.


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