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I Lawrence? Miniature Atlas?

  • Subject: I Lawrence? Miniature Atlas?
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:25:16 -0700

For those of you not acquainted with my personal obsession, I collect
miniature altases.  By miniature, I typically mean atlases which are under
7 inches high and 4 inches wide or vice versa....although I do cheat.

In any event, anyone interested in selling minatures is encouraged to
contact me.

I have just acquired the following item and would love some assistance.

Just acquired the following item.  What the hell is it?

Orbis Imperantis Tabellae Geographico, Histororico,
Genealogico-Chronologicae In quibus Geographix Epitome Mappis qo fierie
poluit exclioribus historic Imperiorum, Regnorium rerumpublicarum;
Saculorum Series a Christo Nato ad hunc usque Annum 1685; Nec Non
Illullrium Familiarum per totam Europam Geneologix, brevi dilucida Methodo
Perstringunlar.   Londini  Apud I Lawrence Bibliopolam ac Signum Angli in
vico vulgo Poultry dicto 1685.

Decorative frontice, Title page, 4 maps (Europe, Asia, Africa, America) and
a ton of geneological crap, with lots of nifty little crowns.  California
is an island on the map...not in McLaughlin....not even close to a variant
that I could decipher.


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