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Home Page/Charter/etc.

  • Subject: Home Page/Charter/etc.
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:16:10 -0700

A question has been raised about drafting a charter, FAQ, archives, etc.
Here is my response.

Maptrade is about 3-4 weeks old.  

If you are interested, I'd suggest a posting requesting suggestions and
offering your ideas.  While I was willing to create the forum, I'm
currently too busy to moderate the discussion and do the drafting work.

My website designer will provide all necessary technical support and I have
the bandwidth for as many pages as would be necessary.  You would just need
to solicit input and draft text.

Please treat this message as  an open call for moderator and drafters.


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