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Our Autumn list

  • Subject: Our Autumn list
  • From: Valerie "G." Scott <gp86@dial.pipex.com>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 09:52:57 GMT

Map Collector Publications Ltd. has just printed a new Autumn 
catalogue of items for sale. These include new books on the history 
of cartography and collecting, a list of out-of-print and antiquarian 
books, some reproduction maps and archival folders and sleeves. We 
still have copies of "The Map Collector" on sale for anyone wishing 
to complete a collection.  The list will be sent by mail to all those 
who have expressed an interest but if anyone out there would like a 
copy do please let us know. Our website is currently being updated to 
correspond with the new booklist and will be ready next week on 
  Valerie Scott
Map Collector Publications Ltd.
48 High Street
Herts HP23 5BH

Tel: (0)1442 824977  Fax: (0)1442 827712
E-mail: gp86@dial.pipex.com

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