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Scanning and maps

R.L. Betz wrote:

> I am in the process of purchasing a scanner to upload photos of maps to the
> internet and would appreciate any advice on hardware, software, etc.  (I am
> assuming digital cameras do not adequately reproduce map images;  correct?).
> Also, any advice on taking photos of maps.  I already own a decent, though
> old, Canon A-1 camera.
> Thank you in advance for any assistance provided.
> ___________________________________
> Richard L. & Penelope W. Betz
> richardlbetz@top.monad.net

You can take a look at my homepage at:
All images there are scanned photos of old maps.
The original scans had better quality but were resized because an internet
site should not have images bigger than 50 KB.
The photos were resized and edited with Paint Shop Pro 4 Shareware.
You need a good scanner like the Microtek Scanmaker E6 and fast hardware
(Pentium, >16 MB RAM, lots of HD space) to handle the digitized data.

Michael Recke,

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