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Rare? Map of Texas & Mexico

  • Subject: Rare? Map of Texas & Mexico
  • From: Barry Lawrence Ruderman <blr@raremaps.com>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 18:23:07 -0700

For all you Western Americana/Texana lovers, I have just acquired the 1845
edition of Brue's Nouvelle Carte du Mexique, du Texas, et D'une Partie De
Etats Ee Limitrophes, a very scarce wall map which was first published in
1834 and referred to by Wheat (1834 edition) as the most important map of
that year....primarily for its Jedidiah Smith information.  In any event,
the 1845, which is substantially updated and loses the J.Smith contemporary
information, is rarely (if ever) seen on the market.

I offer to anyone interested a 500k image of the map, approximately
2000x1600 pixels.  Be prepared for a LONG download.

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