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For Sale/Offers

After declining to purchase  a set of large scale overhead views of ancient
(?) Rome, an elderly gentleman here in L. A. has asked me to try to sell
this set for him.  I said I would only make this one announcement, in
addition to referring him to a couple of local book/print dealers.  If
interested, please let me know and I'll simply connect the two of you;  I
want nothing from anyone in this matter.  This person acquired this item in
Rome about 40 years ago.  I don't know it nor do I have any interest in it.
As far as I can tell the sheets are authentic;  eg., not modern

Thirty (about) copperplate engravings;  elephant folio sized;  fine shape.
Title on the title (apparently) sheet is:

Silvio Valenti / Tit. S. Callix. Presb. S. R. e. Card. Camerario/ Benedicti
VIV>P>M / Administro / Urbis / Ichnographiam / A Leonardo Bafalino /
Ligneis Formis Evulgatam Servata Proportione Contractam / Atg. Æriincisam /
Jo: Baptanoui / Geometra, & Architect. Novocam. / D^D ^D

Imprint on this (or another - can't recall) sheet is, Romae ? 1748.

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