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Re: Reply Function

  • Subject: Re: Reply Function
  • From: Robert Ross <rossmaps@earthlink.net>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 07:08:54 -0800

I like the "reply to sender" as the primary function.  Note I simply &
easily substituted the "To:" address since I thought others on this list
should know my "vote."


>I note there have been a number of posts without replies.  I suspect that
>is because most people are not aware that the reply function is set up to
>reply to sender only, not to the list.
>Maphist, by contrast, is set up to reply to the list.
>A quick poll.  Do people want reply to list as the primary reply function
>or reply to sender.  I know some folks liked the change from maphist, but I
>suspect it may also be supressing dialogue.
>Always trying!
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This mailing list is brought to you courtesy of:
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