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Monumenta Cartographia

  • Subject: Monumenta Cartographia
  • From: "pierre joppen" <swaen@iaehv.nl>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 18:57:43 +0000

Map Traders,

We are offering for sale the referencework " Monumenta Cartographica 
Neerlandica" - Volume 1-5 edited by Prof.Dr.Gunther Schilder of 

The extensive use of supporting illustrative material makes the 
project of 10 volumes a veritable iconographic treasure trove: 
included are comparative details of maps and views, portraits, 
cartouches, ships, contemporary town views showing centers of the map 
trade. The text is in Dutch and English in all the volumes. With full 
scale reproduction of wallmaps of the world, America, Asia, etc.  

Please visit our special webpage and secure order form

Volume 1
Wall-Maps of the Seventeen Provinces by Gerard de Jode, . Willem Jansz
. Blaeu, Joannes van Deutecum, Claes Jansz. Visscher, and Francois 
van den Hoeye. (Text volume: 111 illustrations,171 pp./ Map volume: 6 
maps printed on 50 sheets.) Price  Hfl. 275.00 (appr. US $ 140.00) 

Volume 2
Wall maps of the World, Asia, Spain and the Seventeen Provinces by 
Abraham Ortelius, 1564. Ortelius world map from the folio edition of 
1571. Gerard de Jode's map of the world [1571]. Wall-maps of Spain 
prior to 1570. The wall-map of Spain by Carolus Clusius. The wall-map 
of the Seventeen Provinces in twelve sheets by Joan Baptista Vrients, 
Galle and de Wit.
Text volume: 146 illustrations, 171pp. / Map volume: 9 maps printed 
on 45 sheets. Price  Hfl. 275.00 (appr. US $ 140.00) 
Volume 3
Amsterdam during the time of Willem Jansz [Blaeu]. Wall-maps of
 the world published in Amsterdam before 1619. The wall-map of the 
world in two hemispheres by Willem Jansz. [Blaeu] of 1619. Also 
describing the development of decorative borders on Dutch wall-maps 
before 1619. With facsimile wall-map of the world in two hemispheres 
by Willem Jansz. of 1619 and published in full-size.
Text volume: 352 illustrations, 351 pp. / Map volume: 2 maps 
printed on 41 sheets.) Price  Hfl. 295.00 (appr. US $ 150.00) 
Volume 4
Single-sheet maps and topographical prints published by Willem 
Jansz. Blaeu; Inventory of single-sheet maps and topographical prints 
published by Willem Jansz Blaeu; Description of the Blaeu's 
printing-office on the Bloemgracht; Willem Jansz Blaeu and the Dutch 
East India Company (VOC).
Text volume: 350 illustrations, 364 pp. / Map volume: 23 maps 
printed on 37 sheets.) Price  Hfl. 300.00 (appr. US $ 155.00) 

Volume 5! 
Amsterdam's cartographical scene in the first half of the 17th century; 
Wall maps of the four continents by Willem Jansz. Blaeu (1608); 
Engraved allegorical representations of the four continents; The wall 
maps of Germania by the Visscher and Blaeu families; Wall maps of 
Germania, West Friesland, Italy and Flanders by Willem Jansz. Blaeu. 
Text volume: 350 illustrations, 400 pp. / Map volume: 10 wall maps. 
Price  Hfl. 325.00 (appr. US $ 165.00) 

Volume 6! To be published early 1999. 
Maps with decorative borders published in Amsterdam since the end 
of the 16th century. An illustrated descriptive catalogue of all 
Dutch single-sheet maps with decorative borders. In this 
cartobibliography the history of each copperplate in its different 
states will be described (c. 120 prototypes in about 350 states). 
This volume will be the result of a cooperative effort by prof. 
Gunter Schilder and prof. Klaus Stopp. 
Text volume: c.270 illustrations, c.450 pp. / Map volume: 270 
illustrations.) Price  c. Hfl. 350.00 (appr. US $ 175.00) 
Pierre W.A. Joppen
Paulus Swaen Old Maps & Prints
Email: paulus@swaen.com
Tel.: +1 (727) 5968734
Fax:  +1 (727) 5968734
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