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Re: Map Collectors' Circle

  • Subject: Re: Map Collectors' Circle
  • From: "E. H. Timothy Whitten" <EHTWhitten@ehtw.demon.co.uk>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 18:37:42 +0100

To Valerie Scott:   I don't have the particular issues of Map
Collector's Circle you request, but I do have duplicates of Issues 21,
22, 49, and 90 if you should have need of them at some time.


In message <MAPI.Id.0016.00703836202020203531363630303037@MAPI.to.RFC822
>, Valerie G. Scott <gp86@dial.pipex.com> writes
>Is there anyone out there with Issues 82, 97 and 107 of Map 
>Collectors' Circle for sale? If so, please offer them to me with a 
>note of their condition.
>Can I also invite people whose names are not on our mailing list to 
>let me know if they would like to receive our quarterly list 
>of books for sale. This includes new titles, established titles, our 
>own publications, and secondhand and antiquarian books available. We 
>also run a website at http://wwwmapcollector.com
>Our Autumn list will be published next week.
>We are also preparing the new edition of "Tooley's Dictionary of 
>Mapmakers" and welcome any corrections, additions, comments etc. This 
>work should be of value to anyone remotely connected with early maps 
>and their collection so please contribute. 
>And, finally, can I take this opportunity to wish this new commercial 
>list success for the future. All these new methods of communication 
>are a challenge and open up untried avenues for business.  
>Valerie Scott
>Map Collector Publications Ltd.
>48 High Street
>Herts HP23 5BH
>Tel: (0)1442 824977  Fax: (0)1442 827712
>E-mail: gp86@dial.pipex.com
>This mailing list is brought to you courtesy of:
>Barry Lawrence Ruderman
>Old Historic Maps & Prints

Dr. E. H. Timothy Whitten, Lower Bonehill Farm, Widecombe-in-the-Moor,
Near Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7TD, U.K.
(Tel: +44 1364 621 395;  Fax: +44 1364 621 404)

This mailing list is brought to you courtesy of:
Barry Lawrence Ruderman
Old Historic Maps & Prints

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